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Welcome to our website and this brief introduction to what we are about. There is, nowadays, a lot more awareness about dietary problems and the potentially harmful effects that certain allergens can have upon our bodies. Dietary issues can affect the body in different ways and with differing severity and, although there is plenty of information available, searching for dietary help, what to include and what to substitute without losing flavour can be a little fragmented. Having suffered from food intolerances myself, it has become clear to me that there are several categories of dietary issues. From the more severe food allergies that may have life threatening consequences, through to food intolerances that can cause discomfort and debilitating illness.  There are many people that suffer from certain disorders and unknown to them their diet is making their condition worse. Included in this category can be blood clotting disorders, joint pain, irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, migraines and headaches. There are often dietary solutions to these problems that may offer relief from the discomfort or inconvenience, if you are aware of what they are.

The last 20 years have been, for me, a journey of discovery and of learning about allergens and their effects on the human body. Twenty years ago, few eating establishments understood about food intolerances. To go into a café or restaurant and ask what ingredients were in the food was often met with blank expressions. The servers, the owners, were completely ignorant of the need to understand exactly what was in the food that they served. Now, things have changed. These people have become aware of their customers differing dietary problems and they want to help. And it is during the last twenty years that I have realised that there are so many excellent foods out there that anyone can cook themselves a healthy and tasty meal without their problem ingredients, and with very little effort. In fact, I do say that I eat better food, tastier food, by knowing that I have a problem than I ever did before. Choosing ingredients to cook yourself or selecting menu options in a restaurant is so much better once you are aware of your own problem foods.

How can we help you?

Our aim here is many fold. We want people to understand that there are food allergens and to know what they are. There are many problems that are brought on or made worse by not being aware of the effects of your diet on your body. Sometimes, just changing one thing, either by elimination from your diet or by substitution, will help you to experience dramatic improvements in your health.

On this website you will find lists of the common allergens and also some other problem foods, that, whilst not being a listed allergen, can make certain conditions worse. We list the allergens and foods, where they come from, what types of foods they are found in and include some of the typical effects on the body. We will include references and articles from medical and dietary experts that will make your understanding of dietary health more complete.

You will also find simple recipe ideas that we have written in a unique way, a way that allows you to quickly identify any potential allergens to you and listing possible substitutes that retain the flavour and appeal of a particular dish. We will suggest how you might select and try certain foods that you may have been unsure of. As an example, how do you select a mild chilli and how do I make a mild curry that will not upset me. We explain all this in the recipes and foods sections. And not forgetting herbs, spices flavourings, sauces and dips with the likely allergens and problems explained.

Often, when cooking recipes from other cultures and countries, the recipes may have ingredients listed in different styles of measurements. Is it Imperial pounds and ounces, American cups and pints or the metric system of grams and millilitres? Not to mention tablespoons and teaspoons, pinches and dashes. So we have included a reference section that will allow you to convert and compare these weights and measures. And how do you decide the temperature settings for your oven? Is it gas with a number scale or electric with degrees, and are the degrees shown as Fahrenheit or Celsius? You will find useful conversion tables for these and other things too.

Everybody’s skill level is different. If you are just starting out on your culinary adventure then there are tips and tricks here to help you create tasty and wholesome food. Nothing fancy, just simple, nutritious and allergen free meals. Our recipes are mostly aimed at catering for two people but it is easy to double up on quantities. All using simple, easy to acquire ingredients.

We will talk about pots and pans, knife skills, baking expertise, food storage and all the other little things that will make your kitchen skills supreme. And not just for beginners, there is always something to learn at any skill level.



The goal of our site

What is our aim? It is to provide you with a resourse that is useful, friendly and very informative. We want this to be a go to place where you will find honest advice and information on allergens and other foodstuffs that can cause dietary problems and other health issues. We want to provide a selection of recipes that show how we can all cook mindfully for ourselves and others that might have dietary issues. And for those starting out on their culinary voyage we want to provide them with the knowledge and confidence to be effective and skillful cooks.

Whilst we do not claim to be medical experts on food issues we do wish to bring you the knowledge that we have gained over many years whilst sorting our own dietary issues. As always, if you think you have a dietary problem, an allergy or other malady that might have serious health implications, you should always seek professional medical advice to understand and deal with the problem. I did, and once understood I could get on with my life and enjoy good food without problems. We sincerely hope that the information and recipes that you find on our website will also help you on your gastronomic journey.


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